Welcome to the 3rd PlanIt Resources Website!

Here you can find answers to your questions about 3rd PlanIt and files you can download to use in your track plan. Most of the files on this site were designed and submitted by users of 3rd PlanIt, a CAD program designed specifically to meet the needs of Model Railroaders. You can learn more about 3rd PlanIt by visiting the 3rd PlanIt web site.

In this Resource Site you will find other hobbyist's layouts, as well as files containing Rolling Stock, Buildings, Equipment, People, and many other objects you can add to your 3rd PlanIt track plan. To help you find what you're looking for, there is a 3D rendering of each file's contents, both as a Thumbnail and full-size. There are even models of people standing and sitting, available in the "People and Animals" folder. By including one or more people in your plan, you can get a real appreciation of how it will feel when you are actually standing beside your finished layout.

You are welcome to download any file from this site to use in your track plan. The best way to say "Thank you" is to add your own original work to this resource library. We all look forward to seeing and using the files posted by other users!


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Club layout of the Orlando Society of Model Railroaders, drawn by John Baum

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